Kelley Anderson is an artist based in Los Angeles who has been working with plants and natural materials since childhood. Drawing on her meditative practice and the woods of her native Connecticut, her work is intended to inspire and connect people back to nature.


Her work has been featured in Forbes, West Elm, Popsugar,
Create & Cultivate, BeautyCon and in various architectural
installations around the globe.

"I think of my botanical  art as a window into the harmony of the
natural world. I want people to feel and experience that joy, love,
and divinity that can be seen so clearly in nature." - Kelley Anderson





Tamalin Srisook Polo


We collaborate with Savoir Agency to highlight female entrepreneurs and thought leaders through meaningful programming where women share stories to inspire, accelerate change and create forward movement in women-led initiatives. Our modus operandi is making social impact amongst women of all backgrounds, from the fresh millennial to the seasoned CEO, our goal is to ELEVATE ALL WOMEN.

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Murray Hidary


At its core, MindTravel creates the space and permission to feel and connect. It is an exploration of the notion that bringing the lessons of music into our daily lives can radically improve our clarity, our ability to reflect and relax, and that with music as our teacher – we can peel back layers of our Self, yet unseen. That to understand the universe we must first understand our Selves, for they are one and the same.